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A new thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panel is developed


Three companies from Belgium, Japan and the United States had announced on September 7 that they have jointly developed a kind of thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panel which can be used in many fields such as aircraft interior.

A new thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panel is developed

The skin of this new material is made of cetex reinforced thermoplastic laminate of a Japanese company, the thermoplastic honeycomb core structure provided by a Belgium company, and the flame retardant thermoplastic polyester fiber mesh adhesive of a company from America are combined. At present, the new material has passed the FST specification for aircraft interior.

The new material provides a sustainable solution for traditional processing methods, where parts made from traditional sandwich stacks are more expensive, while the thermoplastic technology takes about 60 seconds to form the desired shape compared to the long and expensive processing and processing of thermosetting resins. In addition to shorter processing times, the new thermoplastic honeycomb skin is more sustainable and can be easily recycled, comminuted, and reused in composites.



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